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Cover Your Bases with These 6 Traffic Streams

posted by Rolf Olsen @ 12:03 AM
Monday, April 20, 2015

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The goal of any successful online marketing program is to get the most amount of traffic as possible to your website.

By giving away a high-value product for free, you can capture a high percentage of visitors. This technique is known as “visitor conversion” because it converts visitors into subscribers once they opt-in to your list.

Generally, traffic can be divided into two types: Paid and free.

Paid Traffic

Among the most popular paid traffic platforms are:

  • Buying ads on Google, Facebook and other popular ad providers
  • Buying banner ads that appear on the top, sides and bottom of popular websites related to your niche
  • Buying lists of subscribers from other Internet marketers

Free Traffic

Free traffic marketing techniques include:

  • Using social media to find people who are interested in your niche and attracting them to your website
  • Participating in niche-related forms and chat rooms, social media pages and other locations
  • Creating your own blog and writing regularly about your niche topic (always including a link to your website)

When to Use Paid vs Free Traffic Techniques

If you are just starting out, use free traffic methods until you build your list so it attracts a lot of prospective customers.

Usually, you don’t have much choice. Unless you are have some sort of trust fund or an investor with deep pockets, you aren’t going to have the cash to fund paid marketing strategies up front. Instead, you will need to work your way through the free marketing strategies until you start to build a customer base and start making some serious money with Internet marketing.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Every time you try something new, regardless of whether it is successful or not, you will have learned something. And the more you learn, the more experienced you will become.

There are very few successful online marketers who are also inexperienced. Most of them have struggled for years, if not a decade or more, learning through their efforts, including their failures.

The same concept holds true in the real world as well. It would be highly unlikely that a corporation would hire somebody to be their CEO fresh out of business school. Even if they did, the value of their stock would most likely plummet because of investor doubts.

Once you start building revenues, you can then reinvest some or all of these revenues into paid traffic methods so that you can build your list even more quickly.

Free traffic methods take longer to gain traction. It can take weeks or even months before you get the response that provide you with enough revenues to fund your paid traffic marketing. This is known as getting your “PhD” – “paying his (or her) dues”.

Paid traffic can provide traffic almost instantly. Using popular platforms as Facebook Ads or Google Ads, you can get your ads in front of highly-targeted prospects immediately. So it’s not unusual for you to attract visitors to your site moments after you launch your paid traffic platforms.

Not All Traffic Techniques Are Created Equal

Some traffic methods work better than others and will bring you results more quickly. The fastest and most cost-effective traffic generation methods are:

  • Joint Ventures (Paid)
  • Pay-Per-Click, Pay-Per-View and Banner Ads (Paid)
  • Social Media/Blogging (Free)
  • Forums, Ad Swaps and Safelists (Free/Paid)

Joint Ventures

Joint ventures are when you and another marketer – usually somebody who already works within your niche – agree to share the costs of promotion equally. Both promote the business to their own lists. Profits are then split down the middle.

Joint ventures can be a good way to double the mileage of your promotional budget for half the cost. Partners can be found in many different places online, especially those that specialize in bringing Internet marketers together.

Buying Paid Ads

When you buy PPC, PPV or banner ads, you deal with an external ad broker, such as Facebook Ads or Google AdWords, and pay to have ads sent to high-target web users.

With PPC, you pay only for those who click through to your pages.

With PPV and banner ads, you pay for a certain number of impressions, or pages on which your ad will appear.

For more information about improving the profitability of your business, check out our lead generation system by done-for-you system.

Author: Rolf Olsen

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Getting the Most Out of Your YouTube Account

posted by Rolf Olsen @ 10:08 PM
Saturday, April 18, 2015

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Getting the most from your YouTube account requires you to focus on the same principles as any other Search Engine Optimization. To maximize viewers, makes your YouTube videos as easy as possible for people to find it.

When you post a new video on YouTube, it is automatically converted Flash. Search engines can’t see what’s inside most Flash files, especially video. That’s why Google’s cached version of a YouTube page only shows the text that accompanies the video, not the video itself.

Optimizing Tangential Content

You want to optimize your video’s surrounding content so that you can improve the page’s rank for your target keywords. YouTube automatically generates meta tags for every new view page.

The name of the video becomes the title tag.

The description – which is found in the “more info” section – by default becomes the meta description tag.

And the YouTube tags become the content of the page’s meta keywords tag.

What you want to do is to post links to your YouTube pages. Decide where you want to drive the traffic from your YouTube channel/profile page, then link to those — such places as your Facebook and Twitter pages — in order to expand your social media presence. Don’t forget to include appropriate keywords in the name of the video, and use the word “video” whenever it’s appropriate.

Video Titles

Your video’s title is the single most important piece of information that Google uses to index and rank your video. For every video you post, create a unique, keyword-rich description that includes a URL at the very beginning.

When you do this, even if the “more info” option is collapsed, visitors will still see your link.

Video Description

Your video’s description is the second most important indicator to search engines of the video’s content, after the title. So you want to include relevant keywords that tell search engines what the video is about.

In the video’s description, it’s a good idea to provide video transcripts. Search engines can’t see what’s in your video, so they gather content data from the title, description, and tags. When you have a full transcript of your video in the description, it makes it easy for search engines to better understand what your video is about.

Other Linking Opportunities

YouTube offers a lot of captions and annotation features, so add notes, subtitles, descriptions, and links directly over the top of the video whenever possible.

For example, for every video, there are options for “Broadcasting and Sharing.” Open commenting and embedding for each of your videos. Just make sure you monitor these occasionally to prevent spam and inappropriate comments.

Another link-building option is to post your videos as responses to other popular videos, piggybacking on the success of a viral video and diverting a portion of its visitors to your own content.

Drawing Attention to Your Video

The thumbnails that YouTube displays are actually screen shots from the one quarter, half, and three quarters marks of each video. When you create your video, place your logo or your most compelling image at each of these points because thumbnails have a large impact in a video’s click-through.

You also want to make it as easy as possible for other users to share your videos. Adjust your settings so that all users are allowed to interact and embed your videos.

You might catch negative comments as a result, but as long as comments aren’t obscene, negative feedback can be just as valuable for attracting traffic as positive comments because a mixture of negative and positive comments makes the user experience more authentic.

Video marketing via your YouTube account is important to the success of your online marketing. If you want learn other simple yet powerful marketing tips, as well as a way to generate conversion-ready Internet marketing prospects each month, click here to learn about my done-for-you system.

Author: Rolf Olsen

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