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Are You Blogging To Make Money?

posted by Rolf Olsen @ 4:37 PM
Monday, June 16, 2014

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Do you have a blog? What is it about? Why do you blog? Are you blogging to make money?

These are some questions that you must answer if you are a blogger. If you are blogging for someone else and getting paid for it then you are already blogging to make money. If you are blogging to express your personal opinion or just to write on what you are passionate about then you may or may not be making money. There are millions of blogs that do not generate a single cent at the end of the week, month or year. There are only a few blogs that draw massive traffic from myriad sources and mint a fortune. You may have heard of that odd blogger who has made millions in the last one year. There are indeed such people. From YouTube channels that generate more than five hundred million dollars a year if two of their videos go viral to bloggers whose one post generates hundreds of dollars in advertising revenue, if not thousands, there are numerous successful cases where people are blogging to make money.

If you are not blogging to make money then you are wasting on an opportunity that requires nothing more from you, no major investment or any additional effort. You simply need the resources with which you can monetize your blog. There are two aspects of making money through your blog. You need traffic and you need advertising revenue. To get traffic, you need your blog to rank high on search engine result pages and that will naturally make your blog eligible for some advertising revenue. From affiliate links to ads, there are many ways to make money whenever someone visits your blog. You will albeit not make enough money with a few visitors but if you have enough traction on search engines and get a huge chunk of visitors regularly then you can end up blogging to make money.

You may not be well provisioned to convert your blog to a money minting machine, in which case you need to think about joining the Empower Network. The program will provide you with all the resources that you need to rank your blog higher than others and to monetize it. You will also get affiliate resources and a chance to make money by expanding your network. You may already have a blog or may be thinking to create new blogs, either way you should consider Empower Network to indulge in blogging to make money.
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