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Powered By Leaders You Can Put Your Trust In: The Empower-Network

posted by Rolf Olsen @ 10:38 AM
Wednesday, May 7, 2014

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A lot can be said about a company, also The Empower-Network, based on the masterminds behind the idea. If it is run by a group of individuals that solely care about making money, chances are it will flop. And if experience is lacking, it can be a bit risky. With The Empower-Network, what you will find are class-act entrepreneurs that have been in the business and take pride in their service to each individual.

A sound company has individuals that lead by example. You want the ones at top working the hardest to secure the road to success for the rest. If all hope is lost from the top, there is no chance of a business or service making it in the rough and rigid world of online marketing.

The Empower-Network has a true leadership team that has gone from rags to riches; from homeless to thriving; and from hopeless and hopeful. Rather than sitting and sulking, the leaders took their experiences from the past and turned it into motivation for the future. And that is precisely why the company continues to excel by the day.

So who are the fine gentleman leading the way; the ones impacting lives around the world through the power of marketing influence and dream? David Wood and David Sharpe! Learn the names, become acquainted with the persons and make your dreams come true.

His co-founder and president of the company is David Sharpe who has equally faced challenges throughout his life. Sharpe once led the life of a homeless man struggling with addiction and personal defeat. From a broke construction worker in Florida to traveling the world and living the dream life, he has transformed in every essence of the word.

The basic principles behind the company are honesty, transparency and dreaming big! It sounds just about right for a couple of dead-beat guys who turned it around and became anything but.

David Wood went from living in a blue 1996 Dodge Caravan on the north shore of Oahu, Hawaii to earning a whopping $25,000 a week in just the third month of business. Since then, it’s only been uphill thanks to the straight forward personality that resonates with people all around the world. He has become the number one producer in almost every business he has built because of the honesty and hope he delivers to each individual.

The bottom line is The Empower-Network instantly changed the lives of two men who were down on their luck and struggling to get by. They have seen the rough times, battled back and persevered. It is the exact kind of leadership you want in a company because the only thing they know is working hard and earning big. And by piggybacking the David’s, you too can reach your goals and dreams.

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