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The Best Ways To Make Money Online

posted by Rolf Olsen @ 6:46 AM
Thursday, May 28, 2015

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There are many ways to make money and every approach has its share of pros
and cons. Any venture will have its strengths and weaknesses and likewise,
every initiative will have to face roadblocks and those would have to be overcome.
Given the challenges and opportunities that various ideas or plans put forth,
it is safe to infer that it is best to make money online.
Ways to make money online, you don’t have to pump in a fortune,
you don’t need a huge physical infrastructure and you can make money
from anywhere and while working on your own terms.
Despite the fact that it is best to make money online,
what is the best way to do so? There are many opportunities
and innumerable ways to make money online. How do you figure out which one is the best,
simplest or most rewarding and which ones are outright futile?

• The best ways to make money online needs to have a proven track record of having generated generous returns for the people involved. If a plan has not worked out or if people haven’t made money using a certain program, idea or concept then it is futile to give it a try. Unless of course you plan to reinvent a concept and are confident that you can turn things around with your skills and expertise, something that others could not do before you. There are many business ideas which haven’t worked in the past but some entrepreneurs have reinvented the way those businesses were done and have completely changed the dynamics of the game.

• The best make money online idea will require very little investment, will not need demanding technical skills and should be able to empower anyone to make some money. Not everyone can have a million dollar idea and not everyone has the business expertise to launch a large scale enterprise and transform it into a conglomerate. Thus, the best make money online idea would have to be simple but effective, practical and yet generously rewarding.

• Given the opportunities available right now, one of the best ways to make money online programs is the Mobe system. It is a very smart program that can be explored and capitalised on by almost anyone. All you need to do is become a member of the Mobe system, understand its program and use the resources to make money.

Author: Rolf Olsen

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Make Money Selling Website and Mobile Apps

posted by Rolf Olsen @ 9:06 PM
Friday, May 8, 2015

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If you’ve created an app and have already made some money from it, you might consider flipping your app. This is when you sell your app to somebody else.

If your app was successful, it probably attracted a lot of attention from people who want to use it and from companies that want to buy it from you. As the old saying goes, “Success has a thousand fathers but failure is an orphan.”

Lots of companies want to buy successful apps, especially if they compete directly with existing apps. In some cases, companies may buy an app just so they can shut it down. There’s value to being the only type of a certain niche app in the marketplace. The risk with this, of course, is that another similar app can pop up in the place of the one you have bought and shut down so you will need to do it all over again.

In other cases, they may want to add it to their family of successful apps to improve the image of their brand. Many web-based app producers are doing this exact thing right now. They are building a successful online brand by bringing in new, successful apps under the umbrella of their brand image.

In either case, it should be clear that developing apps is a great online business strategy right now because there are at least three ways to make money: Selling your app directly to users on your own, selling your app to another company so they can shut it down and reduce their competition within their niche, or selling your app to a company so they can add it to their stable of successful apps and reinforce their brand.

The Best Reason to Flip

If you choose to sell your app on your own, there is a great profit potential, especially if your app is unique and popular. But you still have to worry about managing your sales, promotions, marketing and a lot of other headaches. In many cases, the best option is to simply flip your app.

The number one reason to flip your app is … money. Successful app creators sometimes get offers in the six or even seven figures for their app.

In fact, many people develop apps not so that they can make money from selling their app on their own, but from selling it to other companies.

The most successful aps become brands, and branding lends itself to other income sources like licensing, franchising, other product lines. All of these are potential profit streams.

If you are skilled at running your own business, manage these revenue engines yourself. But if you aren’t experienced, your best option might be to take the money and run.

Don’t Wait Too Long

Apps rise and fall in popularity very quickly. There are lots of apps that were hugely popular at one time but are now rarely used — such as Fat Booth, Paper Flicker and MySpace.

Your best bet is to sell your app while it is at the height of its popularity. If you create a successful and popular app, there inevitably will be copycat apps rushed to market to cash in on your success. Some may even become more popular than your original app.

Every situation is different, but in a lot of apps the best option is to sell when you believe you getting the optimal price. Conditions on the Internet can change in an instant, so it’s better to get out while you are still on top.

Where to Flip Your App

If your app is successful, buyers will come to you. For everyone else, there are websites such as Flippa that specialize in offering apps for sale.

If your app is a smash hit or you believe has peaked in popularity, another option is to “reskin” your own app. This means rather than simply releasing an updated version, you rework your app as an entirely new product and brand. You can then either offer it for sale on the same app store you have been using, try to sell it on another app store, or try to sell it to somebody else on Flippa or another flipping site.

I creating or selling apps is not your style after all, there are other proven ways to make money online, such as promoting affiliate offers (like ours). For more information about this, check out our lead generation system by clicking on this link now.

Author: Rolf Olsen

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