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Transform Your Blog Into A Home Business

posted by Rolf Olsen @ 8:34 AM
Wednesday, June 11, 2014

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There are three types of bloggers. One, who runs a personal blog simply because he or she is passionate about what is being blogged, the second type of blogger is one who blogs and gets paid for every blog post in which case one becomes a guest blogger or a professional blogger and the third type of blogger is one who runs blogs to make money by monetizing the blog.

There are some exceptions to the aforementioned classification, such as companies running their own blogs or blogs being a part of a pr exercise or as a guide to customers. If you happen to have a blog then you need to consider your blog as home business. You can be passionate about blogging and may take it as a hobby. You may be a serial blogger or you may be a professional blogger. Regardless of the classifications and categorizations, you must turn your blog into a home business.

Here is what you need to make your blog a home business:

A High Rank & Widespread Outreach
First, you need your blog to have a high rank on search engine result pages and a widespread outreach. If your blog is not reaching out to people and you don’t even have a target audience that would keep visiting and revisiting your blog then the whole purpose of blogging becomes futile. You need to rank high on search engine results when people look for content that is on your blog. You can do this by optimizing your blog according to SEO protocols. If you are not very savvy with search engine optimization then you must consider joining programs like the Empower Network. Being a member of Empower Network will get you a horde of resources that can help you to rank your blog higher than those of others and you will get a widespread outreach. As a result, you will convert your blog into a home business.

Viral Or At Least Substantial Regular Traffic

You need traffic. If people don’t visit your blog then its existence is meaningless. You can get traffic only when you have a large outreach and have a high ranking on search engine results. This can be accomplished with the same Empower Network resources.

Monetize The Blog
Finally, to have a blog home business you must be able to monetize your blogs. From advertising to affiliate marketing, networking to generating sales, there are many ways to monetize your blog.
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