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Turn Your Blog Into A Small Business

posted by Rolf Olsen @ 6:11 PM
Saturday, June 14, 2014

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Do you own a blog? Do you blog because you are passionate about writing and blogging or do you blog to monetize it so you can start making some additional income?

There are three types of bloggers. The first group comprises of professional bloggers who get paid to blog. The second group comprises of passionate bloggers who simply wish to share with the world what they know and what they are crazy about. The third group of bloggers are not exactly bloggers but express interest in writing one or a few blogs in several months. They are part time or occasional bloggers.

Regardless of which type of blogger you are, you can turn your blog into a small business. You may wonder how. Here are the steps you can take to turn your blog into a small business.

• First, make your blog appealing to a larger audience. You may blog about anything, that doesn’t matter. What matters is the size of your audience and the quality of your blog. If you are sharing the same old information that is already on the internet and widely available then you are not going to draw any interest. If you can add a unique voice of yours to your blog and it can provide some value to the readers, then you will draw a large enough audience. Drawing this audience is the first step to monetizing your blog. No strategy of monetizing would work if you don’t have an audience or don’t enjoy enough traffic. You may wonder how you can get this audience. Use social media, search engine optimization and multiple ways to promote your blog online. Over time you should get an audience that you desire. If you are clueless about this or how to get traffic to your blog then you should consider joining the Empower Network.

• Second, your blog must be monetized. You can do this by bringing in ads on to your blog. You can place affiliate links and start selling some relevant products, not directly but through unintended promotions and back links. It is this monetizing that will turn your blog into a business. If you don’t have enough resources to monetize your blog, then you should capitalise on the resources offered by Empower Network.

• Third, you should expand your blogosphere and venture into various types of blogs. Then you would not just have one blog as a small business but a plethora of blogs, all making money for you.
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