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What Should You Blog To Make Money?

posted by Rolf Olsen @ 9:12 PM
Sunday, June 15, 2014

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Blogging can be a pastime, it can be a hobby or someone may be passionate about it. Blogging is also becoming integral to public relations, branding and marketing exercises for organisations. Some people indulge in blogging purely as a business venture. If you blog to make money or want to do so then you don’t have the luxury to write just about anything that you want.

Blogging is a completely free for all sphere. You can blog about anything and anyone. You have freedom of speech and it doesn’t cost much, often nothing, to host a single blog post on a blogging account. However, if you intend to blog to make money, then you cannot have a free run. You need to blog about things that people will like to read. Your blog cannot be all about you; it has to be all about the readers. Only then you will get the desired traffic that is necessary to monetize a blog. A blog that doesn’t draw many readers and doesn’t have a subscriber base cannot be monetized at all.

Here is what you should blog to make money.

• A blog needs to be informative. You may blog about careers, products, services, companies, business, finance, media, entertainment, movies, music, lifestyle, health, fashion or medicine among numerous other options. No matter what domain you choose to blog about, the contents on every blog should be informative. In the era of social media, people are craving for information. That is true empowerment. If you can help people to empower themselves with accurate and helpful information then they will love your blog. People will visit and revisit your blog every time they need to and every time you upload a new blog. This loyal fan following or set of readers will help you to monetize your blog. Whenever your readers get to your site, the ads that get displayed, the links that get clicked and the sales that you might make if you indulge in ecommerce features on your blog then you can truly make money.

• A blog needs to be entertaining, enticing or educative. If your blog is not informative in any one domain or multiple domains then it must be enticing with unique content, be educative on some subject or be outright entertaining that may not have any tangible value but would make your readers happy. That will also draw visitors and you can capitalise on the traffic.

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