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When Will Your Blog Make Money?

posted by Rolf Olsen @ 9:15 AM
Friday, June 13, 2014

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Every professional blogger wonders when will his or her blog make money. Not every blog can be monetized. Even those that can be monetized do not necessarily mint revenues. Very few blogs become highly lucrative. To belong to that elite group of bloggers, you need to have a very smart and effective monetizing strategy. You cannot expect your blog to make money from one fine morning. You need to take calculated and concerted steps to accomplish that.

Here is what you should know about blogs making money.

When Your Blog Gets A Lot Of Traffic

The first of the several answers to when will your blog make money is when it gets a lot of traffic. Your blog can only be monetized when people visit your blog, repeatedly, and read the content on the site. How can you monetize your blog or make money if no one is visiting your site. You don’t need a hundred or five hundred odd visitors. You need substantial traffic over a period of time. The best blogs that make the most amount of money with surprising regularity get thousands of hits every day. These hits are unique and repeat visitors. When your blog draws a lot of attention from people and hundreds of thousands of people visit the blog over a period of one month or more, then your blog will make money.

You need to get your blog to a desirable ranking on search engines to generate that kind of traffic. People need to know your blog exists and you need to create a target audience. You need a fan following after a certain period of time, which is when your blog will make money. To get your blog ranked very high on search engine results, you need some smart strategies. Empower Network has a program which can help you to achieve this. You can become a member of Empower Network and watch the ranking of your blog soar to the number one position in a given domain or category.

When You Monetize Your Blog Properly

The second answer to when will your blog make money is when you would have a monetizing strategy. You need ads, affiliate links and paid links on your blog to make money. But you cannot opt for any random affiliate links or irrelevant ads. You need the ads and links to be relevant to the type of blog and content you have. Even with this, you can get some serious help from the resources offered by Empower Network.
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